What we Offer

What We Offer

We can assist with complaints about the goods you have received (glasses, contact lenses, etc) and/or the service provided. This means we mediate consumer complaint (‘disputes’) arising between optical practices and patients. These disputes can relate to the supply of spectacles, frames, lenses or contact lenses and the supply optical eyecare and dispensing provided by opticians (optometrists and dispensing opticians)

We will listen to the complaint and then investigate. We will then work with both consumer and practitioner to reach a fair resolution. The service does not have any formal powers to force a settlement but by exploring why a consumer feels dissatisfied, and listening to both sides, we will support everyone involved to work towards a solution.

As well as complete complaints mediation, we can also:

  • Give guidance to optical professionals on how to respond to a complaint
  • Talk through a professional’s concern about a particular issue and help them to manage this successfully to avoid a complaint
  • Provide initial assistance to consumers who may not be confident or able to raise a complaint alone

The Optical Consumer Complaints Service cannot assist with claims involving allegations of negligence or where there are concerns about the practitioner’s fitness to practise. If you are unsure whether you circumstances fall within these areas. Please click here for more information or contact us.

If there are concerns that an optician or optometrist is not fit to practice, then the General Optical Council will investigate those concerns. The General Optical Council regulate all optical professionals in the UK and authorise them to practice. Click here to visit the General Optical Council Fitness to Practise information.

If you feel the optical care you have received was negligent, then you will need to speak to a solicitor specialising in clinical negligence. Please contact us if you would like details of specialist solicitors.

For more information about how the OCCS can help download our ‘How We Can Help’ guide.

2016-17 has been an incredibly busy year for the OCCS. As practices become more aware of what we do, and consumers learn more about the service, we have seen an increase of 45% in complaint enquiries. There are over 22 million sight tests and eye examinations each year. The overwhelming majority of these are an efficient and positive experience for the consumer and the practice. The OCCS is here to help when a complaint arises and on the rare occasion, that the consumer’s concerns cannot be resolved. Just over half of the enquiries received concern complaints at an early stage and we encourage the consumer to raise their concerns with the practice. If matters cannot be resolved, we are here and I am incredibly proud of the OCCS team’s commitment and dedication to helping find a resolution for both parties. The 2016-17 OCCS Annual Report is now available and provides more information on the OCCS activity during 2016-17 and what we can learn from these complaints and enquiries going forward.