Vision of Britain

Sep 03, 2019
Optegra has published a new report that aims to educate the public about eye health, providing the public with advice on how to read your prescription, picking frames to suit different face shapes, insight into different vision correction options, an ophthalmic terms glossary and myths around cataract surgery.

Available in Boots Opticians and Optegra facilities, the report was created following consultations with and research with optometrists, GPs and consumers. What's more, the document features accessible information on eye test trends, diet and the impact that poor vision can have on wellbeing.

Within the report, the research showed that 63% of adults questioned had an eye test every two years, but of those aged between 16 and 24, 12% had never had an eye test. A total of 28% admitted to not thinking about eye tests, and 22% said they didn’t have enough time for eye tests. 

The report highlights that from public research, 33% of those questioned did not realise that an eye test could detect conditions such as diabetes. 

Speaking about the report, head of Optegra Eye Sciences Dr Clare O’Donnell, said: ‘This report provides the latest thinking on so many eye health topics, it is an interesting read for patients and professionals alike – packed with advice, and aimed to encourage individuals to really take responsibility for their vision.’

The research among optometrists found that 94% said it was vital to examine eyes when diagnosing a range of conditions, while 64% said that they ‘frequently’ diagnose an eye condition for which the patient had no symptoms. 

Dr O’Donnell added: ‘We hope that our message will reach a broad audience across the UK and encourage greater eye health.’

As evidenced from the report and its findings, eye tests are more than just making sure you can see properly now; eye tests not only protect your eye health by identifying any issues that you may have or develop, but also assist you in the long-term by monitoring your eye health and vision. 
Since 1 April 2014, the OCCS has assisted over 4,500 consumers and practices to resolve their consumer complaints. Jennie Jones, head of the OCCS, explains: ‘We are delighted that the OCCS  is seen as an effective and useful service, providing independent and impartial mediation and advice. The team does an amazing job ensuring that both the consumer and the practice feel heard, understood, and importantly, helped to find a very practical resolution to the complaint. Mediation is not about judgment or deciding who is right. It is about understanding each other’s perspective to be able to find an answer both can accept. We will soon be reporting on our 4th year in action, and look forward to sharing even more insight and useful information for all involved in optics.'