May 31st 2023

Mytopia Guide

In today’s article we share the Mytopia Management Guide created by OT. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people in the UK suffer from Mytopia. Commonly referred to as “Short-sightedness” the condition can cause objects in the distance to appear blurred. Richard Edwards, Managing Director OPTOMiSE Consulting, appeared in OT’s Mytopia Management Guide amongst a host of other industry professionals in a detailed guide on how to manage Mytopia from a clinical perspective from diagnosis to the delivery of information.

Read the full guide here.

May 8th 2024

What are the Common Signs of Common Eye Conditions?

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May 7th 2024

What Does the Economic Forecast for 2024 Mean for Opticians and Clients?

The economic forecast for 2024 poses significant implications for opticians and their customers, as it shapes the environment in which they operate, make decisions, and deliver or access eye care services.
April 15th 2024

Understanding the Impact of Stress on Eye Health and Ways to Avoid It

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