November 23rd 2020

Foggy and Wearing Specs

The wearing of face masks across the UK and across the world has become the norm, supporting in the battle against COVID-19.

For spectacle wearers in particular, the wearing of a face mask can be uncomfortable and can often result in the fogging of glasses.

In today’s blog (adapted from an article by the AOP) we share our tips on how to prevent the fogging of glasses when wearing a face mask.

Make Sure the Mask is Well-Fitted

Make sure that the mask is well-fitted to minimise the amount of warm air that can escape from the top. When putting on your mask, try to position it to follow the contours of your nose and cheeks and secure it will. Of course, make sure that it feels comfortable to wear.

Use the Loops to Create a Snug Fit

If the mask is not securely positioned, it can move around, creating spaces for warm air to escape. Use the loops on the mask (some may be adjustable) to ensure that it gives you a snug fit.

Use High Quality Anti-Fog Sprays

Good anti-fog sprays can work to help prevent fogging and can be purchased from most opticians. Easy to apply, the sprays work by spreading the droplets into a think film which does not obstruct vision.

Keep Your Glasses Warm

Your lenses will fog up more if they’re cold, so wear your glasses or put them in your pocket to warm them a little before you need to put on your mask.

Have Your Glasses Professionally Fitted

Make an appointment with your optician to adjust your spectacles for a better fit. They can adjust the nose-pads or sides to fit properly with your PPE. Varifocals will need to sit exactly right to ensure optimum performance.

Try Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses don’t fog up. You will need a professional fitting by an optometrist or contact lens optician. The range of prescriptions is vast; even if you wear varifocal glasses, there are options for you.

We hope that our tips to prevent fogging are helpful. On behalf of all at the OCCS, we wish all to stay safe during these strange times. 

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