February 3rd 2020

CET and the OCCS

At the OCCS, in addition to assisting both optical professionals and the general public with mediation, we also offer further training to optical professionals through our extensive Continual Educational Training programmes.

In today’s blog entry, we offer a behind the scenes insight into how our CET programme works and what practitioners can expect from them.

Did you know that only around 2% of all cases that are dealt with by the OCCS require more formal investigation? Indeed, the majority of the cases, on average around 1,600 per year, are linked to a breakdown of communication between the practitioner and the client, more so than general malpractice or poor advice.

Based on our extensive experience, knowledge and real-world case studies, our peer group discussion CET sessions are designed to assist professionals in following best practice to ensure the very best for their clients. In total we offer four different training programmes that each follow a similar structure of:

  • An interactive presentation using redacted case studies to stimulate learning and discussion amongst the participants
  • Confidential discussion allowing participants to build conversations in a relaxed, encouraging and educational environment
  • The sharing of best practice drawing from real world experiences and sharing accumulated knowledge amongst participants
  • Use of simple models to assist practitioners and their teams in becoming more confident and competent in managing unhappy customers.

All of these sessions secure three interactive CET points for delegates

If you would like to learn more about how the OCCS can support your CET event please contact our team via 0344 800 5071 or enquiries@opticalcomplaints.co.uk

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