February 2nd 2016

100% Optical @ Excel – Consumer Complaint Questions Answered

The OCCS Team will be at this year’s 100% Optical and we would like to extend an invitation to come and say hello!

This year’s event is taking place on Saturday 6th – Monday 8th February at Excel London (E16 1XL).

  • Want to discuss how the new Practice Standards may impact on how you handle complaints?
  • Interested in refreshing your complaints process?
  • Is a particular consumer complaint causing you sleepless nights, or worrying your staff?
  • Worried about apologising? Is giving a refund the only answer?

Jennie, Richard and Sue are members of the OCCS Team with over 50 years’ combined experience in complaint handling and resolution. Richard and Sue are qualified and experienced practitioners, and with Jennie’s background in mediation and dispute resolution, they provide guidance, insight and practical advice to assist in resolving complaints and obtaining a positive outcome for the individuals, practices and optical sector as a whole.

We can provide one-to-one advice on a specific complaint you are currently facing, practice complaint handing procedures/approaches, and general consumer related advice.

Please click here to book a conversation with us at the show – we look forward to meeting you.

May 8th 2024

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